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    Next-generation rechargeable battery made with tin  
    Kasbah Resources - Interview at 121 Mining, Cape Town - Feb 2019  
    Kasbah Resources Investor Call - 12 February 2019  
    Stockhead article on tin - lower stock, higher demand, higher prices!  

Very positive outlook for Tin by the on-line magazine, Stockhead

    Tin price continues to climb....  
    Kasbah presentation - 121 Mining Investment London - Nov 2018  
    CEO Interview - 121 Mining Investment London - Nov 2018  
    Battery-charged metal makes tin tempting  
    Tin solders on  
    CEO discusses the Share Purchase Plan and upcoming AGM resolutions  
    Commentary: Turbulence ahead for becalmed tin market  

Article by Andy Home at Reuters UK

    Kasbah Resources Investor Call - 15 November 2018  
    6th Annual Beer and Co Tin Conference, Nov 2018  
    Kasbah produces positive DFS for Achmmach  

Modern Mining - August 2018

    Kasbah on cusp of tin riches at world-class Achmmach  
    Kasbah ready to rock the tin market  
    Paydirt Africa DownUnder Preview - "Take Four for Morocco Tin" - August 2018  
    Kasbah closing in on long-heralded tin development  
    Independent Research Kasbah Resources - August 2018  
    Delivering the Future of Tin  
    Tin for Tomorrow  
    Russell Clark talks to Kitco at recent Noosa Mining and Exploration Investment Conference re the Achmmach DFS and the tin market  
    Tin for the Future - Introduction to the tin market and the ITA  
    Tin in the News - 26 July 2018  
    Kasbah Resources June 2018 Quarterly Release & Achmmach Tin Project DFS - Investor/Analyst conference call  
    121 Mining Conference, London - May 2018  

Kasbah Resources presentation - May 2018

    Kasbah Resources - Minelife Initiating Research Report - March 2018  
    Kasbah Resources March 2018 Quarterly Report Investor/Analyst conference call  
    Paydirt - What about tin  
    Australian Resources & Investment - Tin the forgotten EV metal  
    The Assay: Kasbah Resources Overview  
    Kasbah's Achmmach Tin Project - new board, new management, build-ready  

Article courtesy of Australian Resources and Investment

    Kasbah prepares for new chapter in Morocco  

Article courtesy of Australia's Paydirt. 
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    Tin juniors such as Kasbah may be ready to rock  
    Mining News - Tin is in  
    ITRI - Tin - The Forgotten EV Metal  
    Australia Names First Resident Ambassador to Morocco  

Source: Morocco World News

Rabat - Coinciding with the opening of its embassy in Morocco, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has announced the appointment of its first resident ambassador to Morocco, Berenice Owen-Jones.

    Global Semiconductor Sales Up 7 Percent Year-to-Year  

Source: Semiconductor Industry Association

Author: Dan Russo

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), representing U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, design, and research, today announced worldwide sales of semiconductors reached $31.0 billion for the month of November 2016, an increase of 7.4 percent compared to the November 2015 total of $28.9 billion and 2.0 percent more than the October 2016 total of 30.4 billion.

    Doing Business 2017 - Morocco Ranked 1st in North Africa, 4th in MENA  

Source: Morocco World News

The World Bank Report "Doing Business 2017" ranked Morocco at the 68th place among 190 economies, which puts the Kingdom

    Myanmar tin production may have reached peak  

Source: ITRI

Based on a recent visit to the area by ITRI China staff, it appears that Myanmar tin production is peaking at some 50,000 tpy, although there is still significant potential for the discovery of new ore resources.

    Pollution crackdown on China tin producers could spur imports, lift prices  

Source: Reuters

Author: Melanie Burton and Ruby Lian

China could ramp up imports of refined tin as a string of environmental inspections at smelters in the world's top producer of the metal curbs local output.

    Low-Temperature Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Desposition of Tin Oxide Electron Selective Layers for Highly Efficient Planar Perovskite Solar Cells  

Source: Royal Society of Chemistry

Author: Changlei Wang et al

Recent progress has shown that low-temperature processed tin oxide (SnO2) is an excellent electron selective layer (ESL) material for fabricating highly efficient organic-inorganic metal-halide perovskite solar cells with the planar cell structure.

    King Mohammed VI Gives New Momentum To Morocco's Investment Plan  

Source: Middle East Confidential

Author: Jaber Ali

King Mohammed VI has launched a new investment plan boosting the role of the private sector and setting up the necessary conditions to spur sustainable economic growth in the North African Kingdom.

    Merger planned to create Japan's biggest chip trader  

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

Trading house Toyota Tsusho plans to merge two wholly owned subsidiaries to create Japan's largest semiconductor trading company by sales.

    CFSP will expand scope beyond DRC - may consider Indonesia, Myanmar  

Source: MetalBulletin

Author: Claire Hack

The Conflict-Free Smelter Programme (CFSP) is undergoing a protocol revision process this year, including expanding the geographic scope of "conflict-affected and high-risk areas" to cover areas beyond the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and surrounding countries.

    Base Metals On The Rise - The Bounce After a Bear Market Bottom  

Source: MetalMiner

Author: Raul de Frutos

Markets are unpredictable. Picking a bottom is a difficult task as things can change quickly. However, for the first time since 2011, we are seeing enough positive signals to believe industrial metals might have bottomed out.

    Indonesia's Timah refined tin output down 40 pct in Q1  

Source: Reuters

Author: Bernadette Christina Munthe

Indonesia's state-owned tin miner PT Timah saw a 40 percent drop in refined tin production to 4,205 tonnes in the first quarter from 7,057 tonnes in the same period a year earlier, the company said in a statement on Thursday, amid declining output of tin ore.

    Brave, New, Tin World - The Tech Applications for the Metal May be Limitless  

Source: MetalMiner

Author: Stuart Burns

Touching back on our reference to energy storage, one of the technologies that has created the demand for storage more than most is solar panels. The cost has come down and the efficiency has gone up with silicon crystalline photovoltaic panels to the extent that they can operate without subsidy in southern states. But although costs have fallen, the smart money believes it has much further to go...and tin could be the key.

    Tech metal update - blackmarket cobalt, flake graphite caution, and tin's energy future  

Source: Investor Intel

Author: Robin Bromby

Here's an amazing figure: there are around 8,000 research and development publications issued each year on tin - and the major theme is the metal's use in energy.

    Tin gets more expensive as mines quit mining  

Soure: The Salt Lake Tribune

Author: Joe De Aux

Smart phones, cars and a prolonged mining slump are creating tighter supplies of tin, a metal used mostly as solder for electrical circuits.

    PDAC ITRI Presentation  

Source: ITRI

Author: Peter Kettle, Jeremy Pearce and Tom Mulqueen

The linked presentation from ITRI was presented at PDAC on 8 March 2016.

    Morocco Ranks Most Attractive African Country for Mining Investments  

Source: Morocco World News

Author: Zainab Calcuttawala

The Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies ranked Morocco as the "most attractive" African country for mining investments on Wednesday.

    Rising Tin - Base Metals' Best Performer in February  

Source: MetalMiner

Author: Raul de Frutos

Tin was the strongest base metal in February. After hitting a new six-year low in mid-January, the metal has bounced back up like a tennis ball. Indeed, since January 15th tin has risen more than 20% and many would consider this a bull market.

    Tin defies commodity slump on back of Indonesian export cuts  

Source: Reuters

Author: Eric Onstad and Melanie Burton

Tin is defying the downdraft sweeping commodity markets, with prices for the metal used to solder electronics surging this year thanks to reduced production in major exporter Indonesia.

    Major Indonesian tin smelter stops refining operations  

Source: Reuters

Major Indonesian tin smelter PT Refined Bangka Tin (RBT) has stopped refining operations and its plant will be scrapped due to environmental concerns, a company shareholder told Reuters.

The exit of privately-owned RBT from the market could provide some support to global tin prices as falling shipments from Indonesia, the world's largest exporter of the soldering material, take a further hit.

    Low LME stocks rattle tin shorts again  

Source: Reuters

Author: Andy Home

Tightness has returned to the London tin market.

Actually, it really never went away but the small-volume London Metal Exchange (LME) tin contract is showing every sign of entering one of its periodic spread spasms.

    With Mining Law Changes, Are Foreign Firms Set to Dig In  

Source: The Irrawaddy

Author: Seamus Martov

Long-anticipated revisions to Burma's Mining Law, which were passed by the outgoing Parliament at the end of last year, could spur foreign investment in a sector that is still vulnerable to frontier market perils.

    Gov' to Audit Tin Smelters  

Source: Tempo.co

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will audit tin mining activities and the operation of tin smelters in Bangka-Belitung Province starting next week. Bambang Gatot Ariyono, the ministry's coal and mineral director general, said eight tin smelters will be audited.

    Chips on their shoulders  

Source: The Economist

China wants to become a superpower in semiconductors, and plans to spend colossal sums to achieve this.

    Tin Climbs to Highest in Month in Shanghai on China Smelter Cut  

Source: Bloomberg Business

Tin smelters in China, the biggest supplier, agreed to cut production this year by more than 10 percent to try to halt a decline in prices to the lowest since 2009.

    Kingdom of Morocco Pioneering Economic Growth  

Source: Bloomberg Television and Simply Morocco

Linked below is a video from Bloomberg Television.

    On a hot-tin route  

Source: The Economist

There is much talk in environmental circles of carbon capture and storage (CCS). This involves gathering up the CO2 made by burning fossil fuels and stuffing it in underground caverns or bespoke crystalline materials where it cannot abet climate change.

    $4.2B Loss From Tin Mining Underscores Need for Stronger Regulation  

Jakarta Globe

Indonesia's minister of mines has called for stronger regulation of the sector, amid claims the country has lost more than Rp 58 trillion ($4.2 billion) from illegal mining of tin alone between 2008 and 2013.

    Morocco Among Safest Countries Worldwide - British Foreign Office  

Source: Morocco World News

Author: Karla Dieseldorff

Morocco has ranked high among the list of "safest countries in the world", alongside European and North American nations, according to the British Foreign Office (FCO) classification of 2015.

    Tin's problem - too little, not too much supply  
    Tin's problem is too little not too much supply  

Source: Reuters

Author: Andy Home

Industrial metals are caught in a bear vortex of slowing demand growth, first and foremost in China, and oversupply, as producers pay the price for the exuberance of the boom years.

    Is the groundwork being laid for a higher tin price  
    No end in sight for Indonesia's fluctuating tin exports  

Indonesia's stop-start tin exports are set to continue beyond next month, industry officials said, with miners struggling to adapt to a second wave of export rules in as many months.

    How Illegal Mining in Indonesia Affects the Tin Price  

Source: Investing News Network

Author: Kristen Moran

The tin price is being hurt by illegal mining in Indonesia, but new export regulations are expected to help stop the problem.

    Technology metal tin is on the rise  

Source: InvestorIntel

Author: Robin Bromby

Base metals have been battling hard this week; on Monday they all (but one) went down a little; Tuesday saw nickel fall $300/tonne in one session, with copper and zinc making minor falls. Wesnesday was better all around. But tin has been shining.

    Indonesian tin smelters face credit squeeze over shipment failures