Kasbah Resources Limited Annual Report 2018

64 Kasbah Resources Limited Annual Report 2018 Additional information required by the Australian Stock Exchange Limited Listing Rules and not disclosed elsewhere in this report. The information was prepared based on share registry information processed up to 11 September 2018. Capital Structure 1,045,079,742 fully paid shares listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The Company has 6,000,000 unquoted options, 8,827,204 NED Share Rights and 43,396,224 Performance Rights on issue. Distribution of Shareholders The distribution of shareholdings as at 11 September 2018 was: Range Number of Holders Number of Securities 1-1,000 107 3,414 1,001-5,000 102 345,729 5,001-10,000 94 760,529 10,001-100,000 901 42,206,152 100,001 + over 577 998,763,938 Total 1,781 1,045,079,742 Less than a marketable parcel * 718 12,895,665 * Less than a marketable parcel represents holdings of less than $500 worth of shares Substantial Shareholders The Company has received the following Substantial Holding notices as at 11 September 2018: Shareholder Name Number of Shares % of Issued Shares Pala Investments Limited 207,200,526 21.59 Lion Selection Group Limited 137,126,074 13.17 Voting Rights Under the Company’s constitution, every member present in person or by representative, proxy or attorney shall have one vote on a show of hands and on a poll have one vote for every ordinary share held. Unquoted Securities (Options) Number of Holders Number on Issue Options over ordinary shares issued 2 6,000,000 Non-executive Directors Share Rights 4 8,827,204 Performance Rights 3 43,396,224 Securities Subject to Voluntary Escrow There were no securities subject to voluntary escrow at the date of this report. Disclosure of top-up right granted to Pala Investments Limited pursuant to ASX waiver listing Rule 6.18 Under the terms of the Placement Agreement entered into by Kasbah Resources Limited (“Kasbah”) and Pala Investments Limited (“Pala”) on 18 December 2016, Kasbah granted Pala the right to subscribe for additional ordinary shares to maintain its percentage shareholding in the Company on a fully diluted basis immediately prior to the issue of such ordinary shares. This right lapses if Pala holds less than 5% or more than 25% of Kasbah shares on a fully diluted basis, or if the strategic relationship between Kasbah and Pala ceases. ASX Additional Information