Kasbah Resources Limited Annual Report 2018

40 Kasbah Resources Limited Annual Report 2018 2. SEGMENT INFORMATION AASB 8 requires a management approach under which segment information is presented on the same basis as that used for internal reporting purposes. Operating segments are now reported in a manner that is consistent with the internal reporting to the chief operating decision maker (CODM), which has been identified by the Company as the Chief Executive Officer and other members of the Board of Directors. The Board has determined that the Company has one reportable segment, being mineral exploration and development. As the Company is focused on mineral exploration, the Board monitors the Company based on actual versus budgeted exploration and development expenditure incurred by area of interest. This internal reporting framework is the most relevant to assist the Board with making decisions regarding the Group and its ongoing exploration activities. Consolidated 2018 $ 2017 $ Segment information provided to the Board: Revenue from external customers – – Reportable segment loss (3,298,568) (1,316,497) Reportable segment assets 7,096,903 5,892,591 Reportable segment liabilities (505,127) (306,420) Reconciliation of revenue from external customers to total revenue is as follows: Segment revenue – – Unallocated – Interest 75,250 27,246 Total revenue as per continuing operations 75,250 27,246 Reconciliation of reportable segment loss to operating loss before income tax is as follows: Total loss for reportable segment (3,298,568) (1,316,497) Unallocated – Corporate expenses (3,120,284) (3,915,694) – Interest revenue 75,250 27,246 Loss before income tax from continuing operations (6,343,602) (5,204,945) Reconciliation of reportable segment assets to total assets is as follows: Segment assets 7,096,903 5,892,591 Unallocated – Cash 1,953,070 1,486,805 – Other 159,852 172,780 Total assets as per statement of financial position 9,209,825 7,552,176 Reconciliation of reportable segment liabilities to total liabilities is as follows: Segment liabilities (505,127) (306,420) Unallocated – Payables (490,120) (1,186,996) – Provisions (74,834) (112,753) – Loans (3,209,727) (1,077,188) Total liabilities as per statement of financial position (4,279,808) (2,683,357) Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements – continued